About Almaty
The Republic of Kazakhstan is situated in Central Asia. Its total area is more than 2,7 mln sguare kilometers that makes it the ninth largest country in the world. The population of Kazakhstan is about 16,8 mln people and 131 ethnic groups. Almaty is south capital of Kazakhstan. It is a biggest city of Kazakhstan and here lives more then 1,5 mln people. Almaty is wonderful city.  It situated near mountains. And so Almaty is a green city. Touche´ were in Almaty two times!!!

October 10, 1998
It was the first time. Touche´ presented in Fantasy World  "Aya" . Of course, Dennis, Glenn, Martin, Alex and Karim have given interview on radio and TV. But I haven' t it now. Unfortunately, I wasn't on their performance in that year.

August 1, 2000
It was the second time. Glenn, Dennis, Martin and Alex were as the guests on a festival "Voice of Asia" . This festival passes each year in our city. Here participants from the different countries compete in art of singing. The festival passes in high-mountainous stadium Medeo. But at the first guys gave Interview in Radio 31 and you can read it on Touche´s Interview. This evening in stadium Touche have sung such songs as: "This goodbye is not forever", "I want you back, I want your heart", "I'll give you my heart", "Just when I needed you so", "Doomsday", "Heaven is for everyone", "I can't get no sleep" and "Y.M.C.A".
It was so great and so cool. I'll never forget this time! I hope it there was first, but not last time, when I saw Dennis and Glenn were here!

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