Fans and Friends

There is you can read about some fans (my friends) from different countries.

Name:  Jatta Salo
Birthday: May,30 1985
Birthtown: Helsinki, Finland
Hobbies:collecting Touch stuff :)
Favourite music: Sharika, Kelly Osbourne, Sarah Connor, Michael Jackson, Gareth Gates, GLENN
Favourite songs: The Beatles -"Let it be", Evanescence -"Bring me to life", Extreme -"More than Words", Linkin Park -"Runaway"

Name:  Sabrina Wicke
Nickname: Biene
Birthday: November,5 1981
Birthtown Potsdam, Germany
Now live in Essen, Germany
Hobbies: writing letters and e-mails, my friends, cinema, inline-skating, sleeping, concerts....
Favourite singers: Robbie Williams, Ronan Keating, Martin Scholz
Favourite songs: there are so many to write it here...;-)))

Name:  Agnieszka ( Agnes )
Birthday: April,14 1986
Birthtown: Bialystok, Poland
Hobbies:music, astronomy, animals, drawing, playing keyboard, sport a.s.o.
Favourite music: Touche(Glenn and Dennis), A1
Favourite songs: all of Touche songs and A1 songs

Name:  Pilar ( Pili )
Birthday: February,7 1984
Birthtown Zaragoza, Spain
Hobbies: Music, animals...
Favourite music: Touche (Glenn and Dennis) and Words Apart.
Name:  Yelena Lee
Birthday: June 23,1986
Birthtown: Almaty, Kazakhstan
Now live in Hamilton, Canada
Hobbies:Writing letters, drawing, collect different things, dancing, watch hockey games, and many more!
Favourite music: BSB, Celine Dion; Enrique Iglesias, Marc Anthony, Touche, Bosson, Savage Garden, The Moffatts, 5ive, Craig David, Shakira...
Name: Klava ( Claudia )
Nickname: Mandy
Birthday: January 1, 1984
Now live in: Cheboksary, Russia
Favourite music: Touche(Glenn&Dennis), Atomic Kitten, Sugababes, Westlife, Blue, A1, BSB, Linkin Park, Britney, Christina, Avril, LeAnn Rimes, Madonna, Eminem, G.Gates,J.Timberlake, D.Charvet
Hobby: listen to quality music,sing songs, go to movies, go shopping, be in an open air with friends
Name: Sandy
Birthday: December 1, 1987
Birthtown: Donaueschingen, Germany
Hobbies:Dancing, writing, listening to music, watching TV, chatting
Favourite music: No Angels(Lucy), MisTeeq, Ben and Patrick Nuo
Favourite songs: "Jemand wie du"-Lucy, "Wind of change"-Scorpions
Name: Olesya ( Lesik )
Birthday: May,27 1984
Birthtown: Nevinnomyssk, Russia
Hobby: Webdesign + music
Favourite music: Touche (Glenn & Dennis), BACKSTREET BOYS, Smash!!, A. Carter, Blue, 'N Sync, Natural, Westlife, Abs, O-Town, A1, Savage Garden, Evanescense and many more :-)

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