Gil Ofarim

Do you remember this pretty boy? Yeah, a lot of time has passed Recently he has noted the 21 birthdays (13.08.1982 )... But how that's all began?
It was 1997 Gil casually has met the photographer from BRAVO in the Munich underground. This man took Gil on one of the main roles in Photo love story. So his career began. Cute Tobi in "2+2=Love" ("2+2=Liebe") has liked to all girls. After an output of the first edition in BRAVO edition one thousand letters from the fans has come. In a consequence of the letters has come more... "Round 'n' Round" was the next Photo love story with Gil in the main role. But the popularity has come later ... The first single was the song "Round 'n' Round" then "If you only knew".

After that the album " Here I Am " was published. He became a famous in many countries of the World. In 1998 years Gil have taken part in the charitable project together with Touche´, Blumchen, ' N Sync, Aaron Carter, Backstreet Boys, The Boyz, and others. They all together have sung a song "Let the Music Heal Your Soul". But Gil wanted to become his own stile in music. He likes band like Metallica, Guns 'n' roses, Led Zeppelin and anything like that and the music he made in this time wasn't a part of Gil and he didn't like his own music and he wasn't happy with it. Our days Gil has grown and has changed for last years. He has cut the long hair. He explain it next words: I feel more confident and complete, which does not mean that I've stopped learning and experiencing new things in life. I think that we all just constantly

live in new sections of life. Once, I interviewed Lenny Kravitz on a TV show and I asked him why he cut off his hair. Lenny answered that a lot of weight of the world was carried on his shoulders and that cutting of his hair meant for him losing this burden and turning into a new person. Now I have cut my own hair in order to share that works. But he can make own music and it's most important the music which is really pleasant to him. Gil published a new album"On my own" in May,26 2003. The first single is "The reason" which you can hear on this page in this moment.
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